Monday, June 16, 2008

Sounds and Current rigs

I have the great pleasure to be listening to the best system I've ever had. It's been a slow wonderful journey so far and the ears just keep growing ;-) I'm not really a gear head, for me it's real purpose is the music, although I love tinkering and soldering. (I may have to eat those words as I find my self falling in love with great equipment that has been fixed up and saved from the land fill).......
Being a serious guitar player for more than 30 years I traded in some of the gorgeous old guitar amps of the 60's that I had acquired for a serious journey into tube hifi.
From the sixties to the nineties I listened mainly to those fabulous Japanese receivers from the 1970's, the golden era. Over the years I bought new the Sansui 3000A, 5000, and the 9090. Those powered my Rectilinear IIIa's and later the stacked Advent A3's for a good twenty years. I kept my tube equipment for guitar playing and that nice clean SS sound for home hifi. That is until I ran into Mike Manulik, owner operator of Austin Stereo. I came there originally to have my Sansui repaired and over the following years came to meet a great bunch of wonderfully eccentric audiophiles. Mike is a passionate audiophile not to mention a very experienced and intuitive tech. Everything he touches sounds better when it's done. I learned a ton from Mike and the other members of our stereo club circle. I'm now happy to say that every time I spin some vinyl there are 18 tubes glowing in the dark. No SS can compare...;-)

Present main rig: Austin Stereo modified YAQIN MC-100B tube amp, Conrad Johnson Premier 10 preamp, Conrad Johnson EV-1 phono preamp, Austin Stereo modified Samsung HD-841 DVD & SACD player, Technics SL1200MKII turntable with AT 440MLa cartridge and a pair of KEF R107 speakers. Custom interconnects by Austin Stereo, plus ZU Oxyfuels. Speaker cables are ZU Julians.


obletzs said...

Would you be interested in selling your Premier 10? My email is sam [at] samobletz [dot] com. Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam, Thanks for your interest but no chance. The Premier is presently feeding a Conrad Johnson Evolution 2000 amp and its the best combo I've ever had. I hope you find one. Best Regards.