Sunday, June 15, 2008

bat's current gear

Source: Krell KPS 30i CD player
Preamp: Jeff Rowland Consonance (w/o phono)
Amp: Conrad Johnson MF-2250
Speakers: Axiom M60 II (stereo pair)
Interconnects: AudioQuest (mid?-level)
Speaker wires: samo
AC power source: 2 pairs of PS Audio "Power Ports", each one fed by a
separate 12awg cable back to separate breakers, and feeding nothing else. The Amp is fed by one and the rest of the system is fed by the other, via an 8 outlet Belden surge protector, which plugs into one section of the other PP, the preamp having the second section to itself.
The power cables for the Amp and Preamp are 10 & 12awg resp.
both ends terminated with hospital grade connectors.


Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day all you eclectic eccentrics! Glad to know all you sound aficionados.
I'll post later as to the current equipment, it's time to celebrate with the kids. Ciao

Nat said...

Crikey Milo. They let 12 year olds fly helicopters in Nam????

Anonymous said...

Not quite 12 but yeah those middle aged power brokers that skirted harms way for themselves always use boys to do the insane lies that no mature thinking man would ever consider...