Sunday, June 15, 2008

System #1

Here's the system that gets the vast bulk of the listening in my cave. Yes, that is a Toshiba SD-3950 DVD player atop the legendary Technics SA-150 receiver. High res it is not, but good enough for my purposes. These two pieces are physically very shallow and work flawlessly. So far...

Note the smeared 'Technics' above the power switch. It is a reminder to always test whether Windex is safe to use on your gear. It obviously was not on this early '80s , bottom of the line receiver.

I use this rig to A/B small speakers on my desk. Near field listening for fun and profit. There is just an 'A' at the moment, the quite lovely Mission 750 Limited Edition. The Missions sound quite nice, although I prefer the little A/D/S 400 speakers. Bass is respectable with an overall polite presentation. I need to get them up a bit to get their best impression. That tweeter at the bottom is a bit challenged.

Note in the back left: the smallest of the Indigo speakers from the great white north, badge askew. I will write those up in the future. They were a bit lifeless on the desk top, the little Technics was not up to driving them adequately.

Also in the future: various Minimus 7 tweakings, a scrufty pair of Braun minis, and a Dana Audio revisit.

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