Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Pioneer PD 5010

This CD player was built in 1986 and retailed for $400. It is nicely built, but not nearly as sophisticated as the Sony CDP 650ESD that graced these pages recently.

This post is mostly an excuse to share this link and this second link. These sites contain pretty much identical lists of cd players and identifies their DACs and transports. Cool, but why? you ask.

Well, some people are really obsessive about their DACs and transports. Just google TDA1541 and see what you get.

For the record the PD 5010 uses the Sony CX20152, a dual, 18 bit, two times oversampling DAC. You can see it at the right, above. In the previous picture it is in the far upper right. Note the nice film caps in the output stage to the left of the DAC. The clear ones are styroflex.


Daniel said...

Picked one of these up today at the boot sale for £1.50!

Still works and sounds pretty good for a 26 year old cd player!

Thanks for the tech information, it guided my purchase :)

Anonymous said...

The player was made from August 1985, not 1986 and uses a dual 16bit 2xO/S Sony chip, not a dual 18 bit.