Sunday, November 1, 2009

Odds and Ends, Again

Not much to write, but here are a few interesting photos. First up, a CM Labs 911 solid state power amp. Orion says it's from the early 70's but it looks very 60's.

The sides are cast:

According to Mike the build quality is superb, akin to McIntosh of the era.

UPDATE: Rummager has commented on the Bozak and CM Labs connection. Here is a very interesting web site by Bob Betts, several times chief engineer for Bozak. It includes a photo of Wayne Chou. The name CM (or C/M) Labs was a contraction of Chou and Morris. Here is a link to a DIYAudio wiki with information supplied by Wayne Chou. The above amp is from 1966 (!) and was named after the Porsche. CM Labs even produced a speaker, the CM-15, that was designed by Houston's own Louis Erath. (One of these days we hope to have a long write up on Mr. Erath. We have a source!) Thank you for the tip.

Next up, my very early Sansui mono pre/power combo. I assume this is from the 50's. The label on the front says this is an FM 15.

The outputs are 6V6. Note the substantial and lovely output transformer:

And last but not least is the volunteer papaya plant growing in the alley behind Austin Stereo:

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Rummager said...

Nice blog, and especially nice post, this one. I love the industrial design of the items you feature today. You might know of the association between CM Labs and Bozak? That particular item is one I've never seen before... it's a lovely piece.