Monday, July 20, 2009

I Buy My Dehydrated Boulders and Integrated Circuits From Acme

The Acme Company is the source of the amusing products that Wile E. Coyote uses with less than stellar success in his pursuit of the Road Runner. While they do not sell rocket sleds, Acme Enterprises of Orlando does supply name brand integrated circuits at reasonable prices and with good service. They evidently got their start supplying large hotel chains with the quality parts they need to maintain the gazillion room tvs they own. Who knew?? Someone actually fixes tvs.

I can also recommend their Quick Braid solder wick. I am not sure it is exactly Chem-Wick quality, but it is certainly close enough that I can happily pocket the savings and not worry about it. Good wick makes for tidy work. Or something like that. It certainly makes the work go faster. Anyway, Mike approved and he uses this stuff in feet per day. The big 100' spool will last me a year.

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