Monday, September 15, 2008

John Iverson in the House!

Finally my John Iverson Electron Kinetics Eagle 2C amp is here!

Ever since reading about this amazing maverick genius American and his foray into audio design, I have wanted one of his amps. They are getting hard to find.

There is still good info about this great man and his unexplained disappearance. I will post what I know next time.

Here it is! All the way from Canada, and this man has to win the Right Proper Packing Award!

I have received a lot of gear through UPS and the Mail and it can be heartbreaking to receive a treasured item nonpacked by unconscious idiots.

Sorry, I digress.

This was not the case here. Completely bullet proof, it could have gone round the world a few times and dropped off several conveyor belts and still arrived in pristine shape. Took me 10 minutes to unpack it!

This little 30 pounder puts out 120 wpc @ 8 ohms and 320 wpc @ 2 ohms all day! 160,000 uf capacitance and a hand wound transformer.

As demo, John would cross the speaker leads till sparks and melting wire were everywhere, then hook up to the speakers and voila.... They have a reputation for fantastic bass control and often used in bottom end of bi-amping set ups. The later models were smooth and balanced throughout the frequency range. This is a later model ;-)

After a check out by our resident master at Austin Stereo Repair we'll be trying it out with those bass hungry Infinity Quantums.

Long live John Iverson, may he rest in peace.....


Nat said...

Nice looking brute. But does it sound as pretty as it looks!!??

Anonymous said...

great amp...Ihave one of johns old designs... Electro Research it!!!

dobegillis said...

I will be offering soon an Eagle 7A with upgrdes soon on Audiogon if any one is interested, I LOVE THE SOUND OF THE AMP, BUT AM FORCED TO SELL IT.

Music Junkie said...

Eagle 2's rock. I have 3 updated Eagle 2a's and the EKSC Eagle tuned monitor speaker system designed by Russell Sherwood. He is the current owner of Iversons legacy EKSC Eagle company. If you want it worked on or updated Russell is the best person to do it. He is a respected sound designer himself. He worked for Iverson at the time of his disapearance. Like everyone involved, no one knows what truely happened to him. Is he on some island, or working for the Government (Not Likely since he hated, nor trusted them) or is he dead? The military does have a version of the high vilosity BB gun he designed before he disappeared. Just saying.