Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thrift-O-Rama: Part Deux

Bill got a chair, I got Chiapper the Dog:Admittedly this is cheating since I found Chiapper a few days before, but I planted him the day Bill and I wandered the city, so that counts for something. These things really work.

On my thrift trek with Bill I found three items of note. The first was a respectable Radio Shack STA 225 receiver. It was the top of the line in '76 and retailed for $400. It sort of works and looks quite nice:This is one of the '70s quasi-quad units with Q Vox. I imagine it is pretty much the David Hafler Dynaquad.Yeah, it set me back $24.99. I ain't proud.

Plus, I found a vintage Magnavox FD 1040SL CD player in excellent condition. This is the second generation Philips player and absolutely built like a tank. It was built in '85 and Orion says it retailed for $390:Inspired by this find I purchased this third generation Magnavox CDB-460 the next day. It had been sitting in another thrift for about a month. This is the same model as my first CD player purchase ever and is from '87. It retailed for $250. I recall awaiting a Target sale on this player. It is a featherweight compared to the 1040:And I found one more interesting item with Bill, but I will save that for a later post. Into the queue they go!

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